Beginner's Guide to Placing Football Bets: Everything You Need to Know

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If you're interested in starting sports betting on the king sport, you need to learn how to bet on football at an VN88 will help all passionate players understand every aspect of football betting from A to Z. Let's delve into the specifics in the following article!

Introduction to Football Betting

Football betting has become the "trump card" of many sports betting sites, including VN88 casino. In fact, many believe that if football betting were absent, these betting platforms would lose half of their player base.

All of this highlights the popularity of football betting, which dominates the online gaming portals. That's why most new players want to learn how to bet on football to easily enjoy and satisfy their passion.

Fundamentally, online football betting is similar to traditional betting forms, but it is much simpler. Players just need to choose a reputable platform to register and select the appropriate odds and matches to place their bets on. All betting actions are carried out online, making it convenient for players to participate in betting.

Do you know how to bet on football?

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Guide on How to Bet on Different Football Bets

You can see that there are many types of football bets available. Here is a guide on football betting through VN88 eSports for all players:

Guide to Asian Handicap Betting

For Asian Handicap betting, you need to follow the following formula: Home - Handicap - Away, which means the team receiving the handicap is the upper team, and the team giving the handicap is the lower team. The number of goals for the handicap can range from 0.25 to N goals.

In this type of football betting, after the match ends, players will add the handicap goals scored by the lower team to compare. Those who choose the correct betting option will receive a payout according to the predetermined odds.

Guide on Over/Under Betting

For Over/Under betting, the simple guide to football betting is as follows:

In this type of betting, there are three options: 1 (betting on the home team to win) - x (betting on a draw) - 2 (betting on the away team to win). So, players just need to choose whether the outcome will be a win, draw, or loss.

Do you know how to bet on football?

Guide on Other Online Football Bets

In addition, VN88 provides detailed guidance on other types of football bets on their website, such as Corner Bet, Penalty Bet, Asian Handicap 3D Bet, and more. Make sure to choose the recommended football betting sites we share for easier and more enjoyable gaming experience!

Detailed Guide on Football Betting

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So, how should new players follow the "optimal" way to bet on football? VN88 online gaming will provide the most detailed guide on online football betting for all interested players:

Step 1: Choose a reputable betting site for betting

Firstly, players need to choose a trustworthy and safe platform to register and create a new member account. Currently, VN88 is the top choice among betting sites. This renowned gaming brand has been on the market for decades.

Therefore, VN88 is an ideal destination that not only provides high credibility but also offers attractive betting odds. You just need to visit the VN88 registration link and provide the necessary information to create a new account.

After that, log in and proceed with depositing funds to enjoy VN88's promotional programs for new players and start betting right away.

Choose only reputable football betting sites to join

Step 2: Follow the basic steps of football betting

Now, with all the basic elements to participate in football betting, you just need to choose the sports section, select football, and proceed with the necessary steps such as choosing the tournament, match,


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